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neutral light installation

Inspired from the organic environment, nature, celestial objects or fragments of sacred geometry, the traditional motif is an abstract representation, an illustration full of symmetry and iteration. The elements of this light motif, even if they are separated and distant, demonstrate their potential of belonging and adhesion in the national cultural heritage when viewed in perspective. Native or hereditary, the light from within has no ethnicity or religion. It is white, it is neutral, it is the same for everyone.

A traditional motif composed in perspective and made up of seven metal structures and LED light at a distance of three meters from each other. The inside of the metal structures, the "path" or the ”tunnel", is illuminated by a diffuse tube of neutral LED light. Inside, under the seven structures, two people can move simultaneously and in the same row. Occasionally, the light composition of the seven structures is recomposed by various tactical, sporadic passages or by gradual pulsations of light.

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