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Interactive Multimedia 

Interactive installations are reshaping the role of the audience from passive viewers to active participants, turning performers into live triggers and co-creators, generating a deeper feeling of proximity between the public and the expressed art.

The Heartbeats Project, ZAIN, Cluj Napoca, 2018

Omul și Spațiul, Zilele Arhitecturii, H33, Cluj Napoca, 2018

In/visible Wall, Casa Matei, Cluj Napoca, 2018

Cronici Interactive, Studio Euphorion, Teatrul Național Cluj, 2018

Noise Forms, Spațiu Intact, Centrul de Interes pentru Cultură, Cluj Napoca, 2019

_echoes from the underground, Universitatea de Arte din Târgu Mureș, 2019

Photagogia, Katerini, Grecia, 2019

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